Interview with Steve Jobs, Ex-CEO Apple in 1990

Steve Jobs, Ex-CEO Apple
Steve Jobs, Ex-CEO Apple

The first days in a new year are always very popular for looking back to the previous year. So we want to join this tradition and remember once more one of the most charismatic CEOs of the western hemisphere. In August 2011, Steve Jobs unfortunately resigned as the CEO of Apple and died shortly after in October. But let us look a little further back. Before there have been real personal computers for the masses or the internet.

The most important part each CEO and each entrepreneur can learn from this unedited interview footage is the following:


Always be prepared, when presenting your ideas, your company, yourself.

After the first couple of minutes you will see, that Steve Jobs asks his interview partner if he can start over again. And you will see that he exactly repeats the beginning of the answer. Exactly. Of course he could have even more well prepared and wouldn´t have had to start over again, but we learn from that, that even  a CEO with a decade of experience sometimes learns his answers by heart. So it´s not just talent, what makes an icon, it is hard work.

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