Interview with Eric Schmidt, Ex-CEO Google, at Le Web 2011

Last week, from Dec 7-9, the internet world looked on one of the biggest internet events in Europe, the LeWeb. One of the guests of Loic  Le Meur was Eric Schmidt, Ex-CEO of Google and now Executive Chairman. After a somewhat boring product presentation of the Android operating System Ice Cream Sandwich, Schmidt talks about politics and the importance of mobile phones for the Arab Spring revolutions.

A small wake-up call for the audience follows at 37:10 when Loic Le Meur states, that „the iPhone has taken kind of a lead“ and Schmidt asking a little annoyed „What kind of lead?“, followed by a summary of why Android is leading. „I would say that actually Android is ahead of the iPhone now… [in terms of] … unit volume, features, prices lower, more vendors, lower price points.. do I need to continue the list?“

Actually Android is the leading operating system at the moment, but I think, the iPhone is just ahead of anybody else in terms  of brand leadership. No other smartphone technology brand is as universally present as the iPhone. That´s not only due to the massive product placement by Apple but because Apple and the iPhone are not just technology brands, they are lifestyle. That´s what separates the iPhone from Google. Google is not a lifestylebrand brand. (Will it ever be?)

Ironically Eric Schmidt´s interview serves as a wonderful example for the omnipresence of Apple. Hugo Barra´s  (product manager at Google) demo of Ice Cream Sandwich is simultaneously a product presentation for an Apple Macbook:


And it wasn´t a one time glimpse.


Best part of the interview is definitely from 40:57, when the audience had the chance to ask questions.

What would be your questions to Eric Schmidt?


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